A High Quality ABA Program...

Is Customized

Each program builds on your child’s strengths, areas for improvement, and personality.

Includes Scope & Sequence

There is a specific step-wise, long-term plan in place to teach your child what they need to learn.

Is Carefully Implemented

Your child’s individualized program is designed and supervised by a BCBA.

Is Intensive

This means that your child receives the number of hours per week of therapy necessary to make progress.

Is Evaluated & Graphed

Data is collected daily and programs are evaluated on an ongoing basis to assess progress and inform next steps.

Is Continuously Evolving

Programs evolve with your child to meet their ever-changing needs, whether it be skills targeted or teaching strategies utilized.

What We Do?

Comprehensive ABA

Comprehensive ABA refers to the treatment of multiple affected developmental domains, such as cognitive, communicative, social, emotional, and adaptive function.

Focused ABA

Focused ABA refers to treatment provided directly to the client for a limited number of behavioral targets. It is not restricted by age, cognitive level, or co-occurring conditions.

Service Locations

While we primarily provide-in home services, we also offer community outings, school support, parent training, and telehealth services.

Colorful Minds ABA Programs Include but are not limited to…


A goal of Colorful Minds ABA is to decrease maladaptive behaviors and increase socially appropriate behaviors. Beyond this, achieving their potential to demonstrate age-appropriate behaviors and function satisfactorily in natural environments (home, school, community) is a tangible goal we strive to help them achieve.


It is not sufficient for our children to demonstrate behavioral change with just a Colorful Minds ABA therapist or clinician. Generalization comes from our children learning to respond in age appropriate ways to stimuli and people in a variety of natural situations and locations.

Skills Acquisition

Behavioral therapy is particularly well suited to help children acquire the academic, developmental, cognitive, social and life skills in which they have deficits relative to age appropriate behavior.

Improve Global Functioning

Comprehensive ABA produces positive changes in specific skills that impact global measures of functioning, including adaptive living skills, communication skills, social skills, play skills, and community safety.

We Can Help Improve

Communication Skills

Receptive Communication
Expressive Communication
Social Skills

Daily Living Skills

Toliet Training
Fine Motor Skills
Personal Self-care

Maladaptive Behaviors

Self-Stimulatory Behavior
Property Destruction

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